Roock RST 600 LM

Published Wednesday, February 17th 2010
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The ROOCK RST 600 LM is a tuned Porsche to get excited about. Many companies will offer some basic aerodynamic upgrades for the Turbo. Few Porsche tuners will touch the near-pefect sports car from a performance standpoint. You know a Porsche tuner is serious about performance when in the promotional shots released for their latest uber-Turbo, the front air dam is chipped and scratched.

More than 600 horsepower from a Porsche 997? Check. A top speed of 212 mph? Check. Silver-accented center console? Oh yeah! From inside and out, the RST 600 LM exudes capability, with its huge rear wheels and tires letting you know that lesser tuned 911 Turbos, and everything else on the road, should watch out for this monster tuned Porsche.

The Roock RST 600 LM is one of the most powerful and exciting tuned Porsche models offered as a factory drive-off, one price model. Ever. The storied Porsche tuning house can claim the bragging rights that come with winning the GT-class victory at 24 Hours of Le Mans, a feat this automaker has accomplished before.

Nearly every aspect of the 911 Turbo has been upgraded, and while the exterior modifications may be a little extreme for some tastes, the RST 600 LM manages to look classy in all its muscular glory. You can pick one up direct from ROOCK for well north of $200k, or supply your own Turbo and let them get to their expensive magic. Of course, if you are already the proud owner of a 911 Turbo, why not right?

Official ROOCK Press Release

The ROOCK RST 600 LM was built to commemorate the ROOCK Racing victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. ROOCK's extensive tuning program for the 997 Turbo RST 600 LM includes modified twin-turbochargers, titanium exhaust, proprietary fuel maps and engine management software. These exclusive upgrades allow the ROOCK RST 600 LM to produce a mind blowing 602 horsepower and a maximum torque of 611 lb-ft, while maintaining daily drivability. ROOCK's RST 600 LM charges from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, topping out at 212 mph.

That's just the beginning of the story. ROOCK has also added a carbon racing clutch for precise shifting and a tuned suspension that is fully adjustable in jounce and rebound. To ensure ultimate stopping power, ROOCK has equipped the RST 600 LM with new cross drilled and vented 380mm rotors, carbon swivel brake lines and 8 pot calipers. The revolutionary new 4-pad design improves brake "bite" while increasing brake control.

The interior is specially equipped with custom designed carbon fiber trim to order. The silver accented center console is modified to include an oil and temperature gauge and an exclusive push start button. Exclusive ROOCK designed 4 point harness seats are adjustable with side support to further enhance the daily drivability, while keeping you legal on the track.

Elegantly designed body styling parts have been added to the exterior that include the original ROOCK front splitter, rear diffuser and ROOCK Le Mans rear spoiler. The RST 600 LM is fitted with new ROOCK F1 Ultra super-light aluminum racing wheels with custom ROOCK signature carbon fiber center caps, and high performance tires.

ROOCK AutoSport, based in Atlanta, GA, is the only German-owned Porsche tuner with a U.S. headquarters. ROOCK offers unique, high quality products and performance systems for the Porsche Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, all 911 models, Carrera GT, and is currently developing a ROOCK version of the soon to be released Porsche Panamera.


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