RENNtech Mercedes-Benz SLR

Published Thursday, December 15th 2011
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The tuning house RENNtech together with Exotic Boutique, MaCarbon and Platinum Motorsport have built the fastest Mercedes-Benz SLR in the world, capable of clearing the quarter mile in 10.29 seconds.

The SLR has a staggering 770 bhp under the hood that most certainly raises eyebrows. The world's fastest SLR has received a new tuning kit that was developed by RENNtech, Platinum Motorsport, MACarbon and Exotics Boutique. The result of this collaboration between leading car tuning houses can only be positive and the numbers says it all: 770 bhp, 402 m (1/4 miles) from a standstill in 10.29 seconds. The top speed achieved by the end of the quarter mile is 216 km/h or 135 mph.

Alongside the engine upgrades which include an improved mechanical compressor, the transmission has also received a few upgrades in order to increase the carís shock resistance. RENNtech has also equipped the model with a coil over suspension kit, adjustable on 3 directions, a hydraulic lifting system which modifies the distance from the ground by up to 45 mm.

The Mercedes-Benz SLR has also received a series of carbon fiber parts that improve the aesthetics. The rims have also been replaced with 20 inch M140 Agetro rims.

The price of this ride hasn't been revealed yet but you will definitely need at least a few hundred thousand euros to buy it. If you need to sell your car to get some cash you can sell car online and get a great price for it.


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