Novitec Ferrari F430 TuNero

Published Sunday, October 11th 2009
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WALZ HARDCORE CYCLES and Novitec Rosso are known to be some of the best tuning companies in the world. WALZ HARDCORE CYCLES is a tuning company that specializes in motorbike tuning and Novitec Rosso is a well know car tuner. When these two companies decided to join forces nobody ever thought that they could come up with such a great car. This "far away from the standard" is the reason for actor Brad Pitt and F1 pilot Kimi Raikkonen to belong to the exclusive clientele.

In a unique project, both world-famous manufacturers undertook the task of pointing the parallels between a custom bike and a modified Ferrari F430 and to suit the action all-out to the word. The fruit on both sides is exciting and quite off-the wall. The idea was born in a bar ,the place where all great ideas are born, where Marcus Walz and Wolfgang Hagedorn, met during a private occasion. The key question was: "What do a custom bike and a modified Ferrari have in common?", this shaped during that long night to an adventurous concept. None of them were sure if this idea could come true. All the more, the achievement, with the name TuNero, speaks for the consequence of the realization. TuNero is the name for the custom bike as well as for the Ferrari F430. Nero as black, or rather mat black, is the determining color for both vehicles. For Walz Hardcore Cycles it is one of the favorites and often used finishes, for Novitec Rosso this is an absolute novelty. A modified Ferrari has never left the Novitec Rosso installations in such a "black-camouflage" color before.

Concerning the engine, both tuners have a large background experience. The F430 TuNero V8 aggregate is upgraded with two compressors to 520 kw / 707 bhp. This energy provides a tremendous shear and an unbelievable driving performance. The Novitec Race exhaust system has the two end pipes incorporated in the rear bumper and the sound is incomparable. The TuNero bike has a 1800cm RevTech engine, that, though belts, confers 120 bhp to the 18" Novitec style rear wheel. Its Metzler tires in 280/35R 18" transfers the energy to the road competently. The Novitec wheels of the Ferrari are in 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear with Pirelli P-Zero tires.

The cockpit of the F430 TuNero is completely new designed. New covering parts have been built for the integrated roll cage in aluminum. The interior material "Superfino" has also been used for the bike seat. At the ceiling, seats and door coverings are some appliques, which are based on the bike frame. The valve caps and the engine covering of the bike are made in the same design as the Carbon engine compartment and the ventilation louvers coverings of the Novitec TuNero. Matthias ?Maze" Wagner, one of the most famous pinstripers, has sealed the project with optical commonness as a hand-made pinstripe on the NOVITEC F430 TuNero as well as different ornaments on the WALZ TuNero bike.


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