Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG

Published Wednesday, August 19th 2009
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With the demand for high performance Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the company found itself looking to raise their already high standards. Mercedes-Benz has branched out into a performance category with the CLK 63 AMG Black Series. This new vehicle is said to have been built inspired by the CLK63 used as a safety car for Formula 1. The Black series is noticeable and immediately stands out because of the design of the front end and the wheel wells. The well arches are clearly designed for muscle and power and the front end is made to sweep the air over the top of the vehicle. The spoiler and carbon fiber ducts are more than just decoration; they are designed with the car to create the perfect aerodynamic shape.

The Black Series CLK 63 blows away the critic induced "girl-car" feel of the standard CLK variant. The race car feel and look of the new CLK 63 is undoubtedly has more power and higher standards than its predecessors. The front apron, rear diffuser, and extroverted dual exhaust tailpipes clearly betray its race car ancestry. The shape and design of the car is modeled closely after such vehicles as well. The high performance nature of the Black Series is no secret, and every inch of the car will admit that. In fact the car is a near perfect mechanical match with the Formula 1 cars that seem to have inspired its design. With such power under the hood, it has to be Mercedes-Benz.

The world today looks for the bigger and better, even more so when it comes to performance cars. Consumers in the American market are looking for the faster, cooler looking cars to lord over their friends, neighbors and even complete strangers. A Mercedes-Benz vehicle, even more so with an AMG stamp takes a huge step in that direction. Merely having the car shows the status, and above all, the large pocket book of the owner. The power hidden under the sleek curves of such a car speaks as much about the driver as the car itself. It says that he not only understands it, but has the ability to handle the extra muscle that such a car brings him.

The CLK 63 is lighter, more powerful and has less mass than the other cars of the CLK family, making it the best in an already great line of cars. The brakes, tires and suspension are all superior to older models as well, creating even more for the older vehicles to be enviable about. The AMG line is already considered a special edition of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Every car made with that stamp is taken in immediately by the American market. The next inevitable step is to create a special edition AMG, the Black Series. This special edition of the special edition is in a league of its own. With every other AMG vehicle selling so quickly, it is no surprise that the CLK 63 AMG will move just as quick on both the roads and in the car dealers.


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oo nice car

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