Kneissler BMW M3 E46

Published Friday, December 4th 2009
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The German tuners at Kneissler Autotechnik have created a tuning package for the previous generation of the BMW M3, the E46. The car has a standard S54B32 engine, which develops 343 bhp. The engineers have added a mechanical compressor and an intercooler to the 6 cylinder stock engine, then they performed an ECU tweak to manage the admission more efficiently.

The performance kit costs 13.000 euros and ups the power of the M3 to 459 bhp. For an additional 1.350 euros, the tuners from Kneissler offer a custom high-quality steel sport exhaust. Along side the performance kit, the Kneissler team also offer a KW suspension kit and a braking system from Stoptech.

The suspension kit from KW costs 1.749 euros, and they also offer a set of sport stabilizers, which cost an additional 419 euros. The braking system from Stoptech costs 3.852 euros, and includes 2 calipers with 6 pistons for the front axle, together with two 380x32mm brake discs. Stoptech also offer a braking system for the rear axle which has 355x32mm discs and calipers with 4 pistons, which have a price tag of 3.103 euros. The whole braking system can be equipped with a caliper cooling system, which costs 109 euros and is provided by Stahibus.

Kneissler also offer a set of Oxigin alloy rims that are available in 20" and are 11" wide. The rims are equipped in Hankook tires. The price tag for these rims is 2.723 euros. The BMW M3 can be equipped with a set of LSD doors for the sum of 1.990 euros.


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