Kicherer Audi R8

Published Tuesday, September 1st 2009
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One of the most popular, highly sophisticated cars on the market today, the Kicherer Audi R8 is well adjusted. Whether you want a car for inner city driving or for ripping around a race track, the pleasure you'll get from this German made car will not compare to any other car you'll ever drive. The almost two thousand cars already manufactured either have been or will be shipped to the UK over the next two years, and have all already been spoken for.

Reaching top speeds of 187 mph, the 4.2 liter V8 engine clearly has the power of a racing vehicle. The design of the Audi R8ís aerodynamics has been given serious attention. Beyond making the car faster and handle better its shape gives it a great look with its sleek body. The new and improved front spoiler reduces the lift on the front axel, and a new "wing profile" provides better down force on the rear axel. Because of the powerful engine, the acceleration of the R8 is just as amazing as the car itself. In 4.6 seconds the Kicherer Audi R8 can go from zero to 62 mph, and the 4x4 system will ensure the tires stay on the road. When the Audi reaches high speeds, the back up powered spoiler kicks in, keeping you from lifting off the road.

With the exception of the noise from the wind tunneling effect while driving at top speeds, the sound level is kept well under control. With the manual transmission, the gear selector shifts smoothly, due mostly to its Teflon non stick lining. Although Kicherer offers an automatic model, it does not compare to the manual in ways of power and acceleration. With the addition of the automatic transmission, the precise nature of shifting is lost and the carís performance suffers as a result. If one is looking for the more powerful variant of this car, it no doubt has the manual transmission.

The rims add to the sleek look of the exterior. The R8 is equipped with the three piece RS1, 8.5x20 rims on the front axel and 11.5x20 on the rear axel. The lowering of the body by 15 millimeters in the front and 30 millimeters in the back also increases performance and looks, but still keeps the car suitable for day to day use. The interior is very distinctive, but extremely functional at the same time. There is a great deal of space inside the car, especially between the driver and passenger seats. The extra room in the rear leaves more space for luggage and passengers for an excursion of any sort.

The Kicherer Audi R8 is said to be one of the most luxurious cars ever, and the manual transmission R8 is extremely dramatic. The powerful and reliable engine is as great as its fine tuned handling and the interior as well as the exterior features makes it a worthwhile car to own.


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