Infiniti Inferno G35 Coupe

Published Friday, April 6th 2012
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We would like to present one of the coolest cars that we have ever reviewed on our website: the Infiniti Inferno G35 Coupe.

This car is based on a standard Infiniti G class that was modified to produce 280 hp and looks simply amazing. The coupe is equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine that can accelerate from a stand-still to 62 mph (or 100km/h) in 6.2 seconds.

There were a lot of small modifications done under the hood that really make the difference and also catch the eye of any tuning enthusiast. A new NRG oil catch can, ARC radiator cap, ARC oil cap, ARC radiator shroud, Nissan OEM engine cover, NRG hood dampers, painted battery covers, painted radiator core support, painted intake cover, painted oil stick, Samco hoses, painted MAF sensor, Kinetix SSV Plenum were installed or modified and you have to admire the attention for detail which translates to many work hours that have been invested into this great looking car.

The Inferno has a five step tiptronic automatic gearbox which allows the driver to change gear very fast and downsize gear change lag. The main difference between a tiptronic gear box and a standard one is that the gear changes are done by shifting the gear leaver forward (in order to go down a gear) or backward (in order to go up a gear) instead of the standard “H” pattern which is most common for a regular gearbox.

The suspension system has been also upgraded in order to make the car stiffer around bends. The front suspension was upgraded to aftermarket Hotchis Sways and the rear suspension was upgraded to Universal Air. The braking system hasn’t been neglected in order to control all the horses of this car by mounting OEM 2008 G37 Sport BBK’s with stainless steel brake lines.

When it comes to the bodywork, some important changes have been made that have improved the overall look of the standard car. The car was painted in India Red and the roof was painted in black to add more contrast to the car. The Inferno also received a new hood made from glass fiber produced by Chargespeed, a Prussia Blue spoiler, GT-R style front bumper from AIT racing and Veilside rear bumper, Greedy side skirts and Ings+1 wings.

The interior hasn’t been neglected either: a new Nissan air bag cover was installed, new Skyline rugs, painted mirror and console. It also has de-badged seats to remove the standard interior feeling of the car.

Overall, this car has been always one of our favorites and we hope that it has become one of your favorites too!


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well yeah thats true the evo is way faster and if you caprome is 4 doors but like you say its not as confortable and it depends on what you looking for i rather had an evo but if you rather had a g37 thats good there no reason to argue for personal likes right aha

Posted by Jeannie on Tuesday, November 30th 1999 @ 07:00am GMT | #14918

Every type of repair is esenpxive in a way with the 530i. But G35 is made by nissan and there are a lot of nissan dealers you can take the car to get repaired. Also the G35's are really popular so you can find parts for those anywhere. The 530i is a great car but the G35 would be the better financial buy.

Posted by Joanna on Tuesday, November 30th 1999 @ 07:00am GMT | #14468

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