Honda Civic Mugen RR

Published Thursday, April 2nd 2009
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The Honda Civic Mugen RR is another great performance model with a limited build of only three hundred cars. All three hundred cars sold out in minutes of being released. It is said to be the ultimate Civic, relying on its speed and stylish nature for a front wheel drive car. Because of the lighter and faster design, the Mugen RR may well become the best front wheel drive performance car on the market.

Mugen, the Japanese company used their knowledge of racing mechanics while designing this car. Car Enthusiast called it the “best factory tuned Honda that money can buy.” The Honda Civic Mugen RR is said to be much like the street legal version of the Super Taikyu Championship Civics.

The added speed is tribute to the extra power the Mugen RR was endowed with. In comparison to the Civic R, the horsepower is increased, the chassis is sharper and the weight reduced. The engine can easily get up to 160km per hour. The RR not only has a powerful engine, but also has a dual exhaust system that lets you know when it’s coming.

The RR is ten kilograms lighter than the R because of the expensive, unique carbon fiber body parts, including the front bumper and spoiler. The suspension alterations also lowered the ride height. From the exterior, the RR does not differ much from the basic R model. The Mugen RR has a wider body, hood air ducts, a new front grill and spoiler and eighteen inch black rims, with specially designed Potenza RE070 tires, which contribute to the great look of the exterior of the RR model.

When one looks at the numbers on paper, the RR doesn't seem too impressive. Since this car is front wheel drive, the front wheels both steer and drive the car. The Mugen RR was made more aerodynamic than RR model, giving the car a much faster response at the wheel.

The interior is more personalized, and looks more like the interior of an real race car. The Alcantara carbon covered sports seats replace the bucket seats in the R model, and they require you to be smaller and in good physical stature to sit comfortably. The radio has been replaced with oil and water temperature and pressure gages. The pedals are modified for the driver, and a personalized plaque with the car number is added to the shifter column.

The best thing about the RR model is the fine tuned steering. Every move is precise, and with each corner taken, the RR provides the driver with precision and confidence. If you’re looking for a sporty, fast car for the right price, sporty look, great performance, exclusivity and exceptional handling, then the Honda Civic Mugen RR is right up your alley. Although it lacks security equipment and can be uncomfortable inside, the attention to racing detail by Mugen makes the Honda Civic Mugen RR tops many people’s wish lists.


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