Hofele Design Audi A8 D4

Published Thursday, March 28th 2013
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The new Audi A8 „SR 8“ by Hofele Design is elegant and sportive at the same time. Perfectly balanced aerodynamics combined with exclusive and individual design convert the well-behaved limousine into a very special sports car dressed with a dynamic, sportive suit.

Sportive design

With this body kit Hofele-Design transforms the Audi A8 D4 into the sportive dynamic „SR 8.“ The new body kit consists of a complete front bumper with original “RS5 mesh inserts, a rear apron with diffuser, a 4-tube sports muffler and a rear trunk spoiler. The front bumper has big air intakes which supply the intercoolers with more air. The newly shaped rear apron is the frame for the removable diffuser. This diffuser surrounds the four tailpipes of the new sports muffler. The sports muffler has an additional airflow and has a sportive sound, especially on cars with Gasoline engine. The diffuser can either be painted in the cars color or in a contrasting color like silver or black or can be ordered with a layer of real carbon.

Exclusive highlight

As exclusive highlight, besides the carbon rear diffuser, Hofele-Design also offers carbon mirror housings to spotlight the exclusive & sportive side of this luxury limousine.

Luxury interior

For the inside of the car Hofele-Design offers a bi-color leather interior. The two-colored seats have a quilted stripe made of soft nappa leather which crosses the seats in the middle. This wonderful masterpiece is available with special stitching and as a combination of different premium materials like smooth leather, rough leather or Alcantara (ecsaine / ultrasuede). Also available are leather-covered door panels and a steering wheel.

Dynamic appearance

Part of the Hofele program for the Audi A8 D4 is a variety of alloy wheels in the sizes from 9J x 20“ up to 10J x 22“. The electronic speed-related lowering module ETS lowers the Audi A8 with air suspension up to 40mm. The system is only active on speeds under 70 km/h, on speeds over 70 km/h the system is deactivated to give the chassis its full comfort and security. Indulge yourself a bit more driving pleasure with the engine tuning by Hofele-Design. The engine software optimization reveilles the unused reserves of the strong A8 engines. The 4.2 V8 FSI Gasoline engine is tuned from 372 PS to 390 PS and the 4.2 TDI CR is tuned from 350 PS to 390 PS and sensational 900 NM. That is some increase of force!


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