Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Published Thursday, December 29th 2011
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The experts from the tuning house Hennessey Performance have presented a digital render generated for a new tuning package designed for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. The finished product is called HPE800 and has a HEMI Twin Turbo engine with a 7.0 liters displacement. The car maker, Jeep, offers the V8 HEMI engine with a 6.4 liters cubic capacity following a standard engine pattern, which is respected by Jeep and has become a trademark for the American company. This pattern is actually related to the fact that the engine has no turbochargers or superchargers and is based on ‘raw’ aspirated power.

The guys from Hennessey said that they will only modify only 24 Jeeps using these specifications and each car will cost around $235,000.

The HPE800 Twin Turbo has 805 hp harvested at 5,800 rpm and needs 3.1 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 62 mph (or 100 km/h). The quarter mile is covered in about 10.9 seconds and the car reaches about 125mph (or 200 km/h). In order for the car to handle the stresses related to the power developed by the engine, the automated transmission has been strengthened and the torque converter has been tweaked by the guys from Hennessey. The braking system has also been upgraded, in order to stop the car on the spot, by replacing the front calipers with ones that are operated by 6 pistons and the rear calipers are operated by 4 pistons. The brake discs have a diameter of 15.1 inch.

The Grand Cherokee’s suspension system has been modified and the ground clearance has been reduced in order to make the car grip the road more efficiently. The Cherokee SRT8 is the most powerful model developed by Jeep and is 13% more economical than any other previous car produced by Jeep.

Thanks to the upgrades proposed by Hennessey Performance, the 24 HPE 800 Twin Turbo cars will offer comparable performance with the European supercars and the top 10 most powerful Japanese motorbikes.

The vast majority of insurance companies will charge big amounts of cash to insure a car like the HPE 800 simply because they're unique but if you browse a little more deeply, you will discover that some auto insurance companies have decent fees that will relieve you from the stress of possible accidents or thefts.


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