HAMANN Thunder

Published Tuesday, May 19th 2009
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If you had to describe BMW to an alien from Mars you may start stammering about German technology, reliability, comfort, build quality and decent performance. The M series of cars could even induce you to talk about acceleration and styling. Infact discussing the 3 series coupe would be an excellent way to persuade Martians that Earth is not worth invading after all.

Those that do value planet Earth should not bring up the Hamann 3 series coupe though. Suddenly we would be awash with slightly scruffy, but financially secure aliens – all wanting a piece of the BMW pie.

Hamann have a history of taking perfectly fine cars then cutting, slashing and modifying until the end product is a fusion of style and performance that shouldn’t work – but just does. The Hamann BMW 3 series takes a car that’s somewhat average, let’s face it – it’s hardly a Ferrari – and turning it into something you wouldn’t be ashamed to take along to the gumball rally.

The standard BMW V8 engine is replaced by the M3’s superior V10. Secret rituals are then performed boosting the 420bhp / 400Nm factory engine to 560bhp with 574N/m of torque. Acceleration is kept fairly constant up to 208 mph thanks to the 7 speed SMG manual transmission. 60mph is reached in a supercar like 4.3 seconds.

Inside the car Hamanns racing lineage is clear to see. Lightweight bucket racing seats help lock the driver in place during hair raising turns, and a sports steering wheel improves responsiveness and driver feedback. Carbon fibre adorns every possible surface leaving the distinct impression you don’t want to spill your coffee.

Hamann have sparked an entire industry of aftermarket M3 parts – so when you see a 1.6 litre Golf screaming past you with M3 mirrors, tail clusters and body kit – you know who to blame.

It’s clear to see why – Hamann have taken the Thunders’ M3 styling to the extreme with a carbon roof, front spoiler and rear diffuser. Not only do these look good but provide additional down force on the front and rear axles, something which you will appreciate at 200mph. Four 76mm tailpipes and metal sports catalytic converters unleash a sound which can only be described as thunderous – thus the Hamann “Thunder”.

Stopping is made easier with custom brakes front and rear. 405x43mm slotted and vented disks with 6 piston callipers are provided on the front, while 380x28mm disks and 4 piston callipers keep the rear end in check. The Thunder is sat on 20 inch ultra lightweight cross spoke rims with titanium bolts smeared in S1 EVO rubber provided by Hankook.

So remember, for your next company car, slip in the Hamann Thunder order code – and see who gets the most car park kudos.


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