HAMANN Range Rover Sport Conquerer

Published Tuesday, May 12th 2009
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The Range Rover Sport hit the roads in the summer of 2005 to a mixture of excitement and disappointment. Although the Sport is undeniably a pretty vehicle, some felt that Range Rover had not stayed true to the original concept of a sporty Range Rover Ė which was originally unveiled in 2004 as the Range Rover Stormer.

Based heavily on the Discovery chassis with a Jaguar engine and Porsche suspension the pedigree is certainly there. Jeremy Clarkson famously raced a Challenger II main battle tank across Salisbury Plain proving that the sport is not just fast and good looking, but a real off road contender as well.

Powered by a 385bhp Supercharged V8 4.2 litre block the Sport reaches 60mph in a surprising 7.2 seconds - accelerating all the way up to an electronically limited 140mph through its 6 speed adaptive transmission system.

The Range Rover Sport is a desirable car, with extreme performance for a SUV class vehicle. There seemed to be little room for improvement - then Hamann got their hands on one.

The Hamann Range Rover Sport Conqueror is arguably one of Hamanns greater achievements, and for a company that systematically produces excellence thatís not a statement to be made lightly.

The Conqueror offers engine tuning upgrades which give the Sport a beefy 475bhp. This is achieved by remapping the ECU and modifying the supercharger ratio. A high performance custom header, sports catalytic converters and sports rear muffler are also installed to coax out maximum performance.

A wide body kit is also on offer to complement the Hamann custom 23Ē rims and lowering kit. Throw in new side panels, roof spoiler, front and rear aprons, and quad exhaust system finish off a visually stunning exterior.

Due to the increased power and speed Hamann offer 380mm or 405mm brake discs on the front axle, complimented by 6 or 8 pot callipers with special brake pads and Stahlflex linings. The rear axle benefits from the same treatment although there is no 405mm option available.

The interior isnít safe from Hamannsí legendary treatment either. A range of interior accessories are available such as a 3 spoke Sports steering wheel with the expected airbag and multi function options. Clear coated carbon extras provide an improved centre console and door coverings. Of course Hamann will gladly oversee a full custom interior, designed to your exact specifications.

The Hamann Range Rover Sport is a significant improvement over the standard model, although if you are intending to drive off-road it may not be wise to opt for the lowering options. The standard model offers a mere 172mm ground clearance, which compared to the Freelanders 210mm shows how low the vehicle already is.


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Grade A stuff. I'm uqnuestionlaby in your debt.

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Now that's sbulte! Great to hear from you.

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Absolutely first rate and copepr-bottomed, gentlemen!

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