HAMANN Gallardo Victory

Published Monday, May 11th 2009
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The Lamborghini Gallardo is the 9th most popular scalextric product on Amazon and amusingly it comes paired with a police pursuit range rover. This goes to show that even from a very young age we all dream of owning one of the worlds most defining supercars. – and when we do own one we fully intend to be evading the police at break neck speeds.

The problem might be that in Italy the police themselves have a number of Gallardo’s, thoughtfully donated by Lamborghini to celebrate the 152nd anniversary of the force. In London the traffic police borrow Gallardo’s during specific events such as the gumball rally.

There isn’t much point in owning a car like this, which even scalextric think should be used for running from authority, if the authorities can catch you up. Don’t worry though, your dreams are not shattered – you can buy a better Gallardo, made by those geniuses at Hamann.

The Hamann Lamborghini Gallardo Victory is clearly inspired by our boyish dreams and helps you get away by offering an additional 40bhp over the standard wussy model. The screaming Italian horses pull the top speed up to 209mph complemented by the orchestra of sound emanating from the 76mm stainless steel custom exhaust.

A wide body kit adds the visual appeal, starting with the Victory wing doors. Carefully engineered there are no signs that the modifications are an after market add-on. The body kit endows the Victory with not only the usual front and rear aprons, but with custom fenders and sills. The unique front and rear diffusers and the evil looking four part rear wing offer improved handling at speed as well. The roof mounted air scoop provides greater down force, but the main benefit is that it looks insanely cool.

Racing edition 20” rims and the usual Hankook rubber protect the up-rated racing braking system. 380mm vented discs combined with 8 pot callipers and 360mm discs with 6 pot callipers adorn the front and rear respectively. All are fitted with Stahlflex linings and Hamanns own adapters and pads.

Climbing into the car the carbon sports steering wheel, complete with a safety conscious airbag, protrudes seductively from the dashboard. Carbon framed sports seats are covered in special leather and your feet even get a treat with the exclusive Victory floor-mats.

If you so desire, Hamann will not only provide you with the victory, but arrange for a fully custom interior so the wife can take a break from choosing curtains and instead make your Lambo a better place to be.

Gallardo is named after a famous breed of Spanish fighting bull and it’s easy to see why. The victory then should really be called the Gallardo Farmer – it takes the bull by the nose, locks it in a field, and heads down the pub to get drunk with the lads.


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