HAMANN Ferrari F430

Published Tuesday, May 5th 2009
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Growing up you probably wanted to be an astronaut or a fighter pilot, only to discover you were more suited to pulling out staples than pulling 6 G’s in a F-15. Luckily Hamann Motorsport understand that there is a Neil Armstrong in all of us and have taken the already brilliant Ferrari F430, locked it in a room full of blokes who have memorized every Haynes manual, and produced not one, but three space age road versions.

Weighing in at 1450kg the Ferrari stock version was never a car you could call plump, yet the Hamann wizards waved their magic wands and produced optional carbon fibre or fibreglass… well everything … from a custom front spoiler, side wings, rear diffuser and rear spoiler.

Armed with a lower curb weight the next step is to provide even more power to the 4.3 litre V8, bringing it from 483bhp to 513bhp and adding an extra 25Nm of torque fetching the total to around 490nm at 5250rpm. If these numbers are confusing, just imagine a space rocket blasting off from Cape Canaveral, and that could be you on the way to the shops for some bread.

With all this extra power, lightness and stunning looks it is of course important not to crash into things, but you needn’t worry – Hamann have it under control. If you get on your hands and knees and take a look at the front wheels you won’t find standard Ferrari fare. You might first be taken aback by the amazingly stylish super light racing alloys – available in 19” or special anniversary 20” designs.

Looking closer you find 355x34mm slotted and vented Hamann brake discs, complimented by Hamanns’ own 4 pot callipers with special pads and Stahlflex linings. Just hope you don’t get a puncture as the F430 is now even lower, with custom springs and threaded sport suspension.

Topping off the design master-class is a stainless steel sports muffler with twin 80mm pipes each side, a Hamann high performance header and high performance catalytic system.

Not only are Hamann offering the Coupe, but you can also purchase the Hamann style F430 spider and the rather intriguing Black Miracle.

Finished in a light absorbing matt black paint with a single bright distinctive stripe, the black miracle looks like the stealth bomber you have always dreamed of flying. Sat snugly on 20” Race Edition rims and with a mighty 50bhp boost this is the ultimate head turning car. Performance is improved on even the Hamann F430 Coupe, offering a staggering 533bhp.

Your destiny may not be flying to the moon or dropping bombs from 50,000 feet – but a mere 217,000 Euros will make you forget all about that from the moment you drive a Hamann Ferrari F430.


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