Gemballa Cayman GT RS

Published Friday, December 18th 2009
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The Gemballa GT 4.0L RS has a massive 4.0 liter engine, upped from the 3.4 liter capacity engine on the Cayman S. Silver-toned carbon fibre gives this tuner an exquisite look without making it look tacky, and new front and rear spoilers really do look nice. Appearance aside, these three elements likely combine to really make the GT 4.0L RS stand apart from its Stuttgart-bred relative. 20-inch black racing wheels surround a huge, perforated disc brake system. Although the yellow brake calipers appear a little over-the-top when viewed individually, the car does benefit from a little bit of color.

The interior is purely amazing. The yellow and black alcantara leather combination brings the best out of this stunning car. Some people may say that this combination is a little too over the top but nothing about Gemballa is average, so what do you expect?

Nonetheless, we wish we could take a more critical look at the car, but Gemballa has provided no specs or pricing for the vehicle.


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Smart thniking - a clever way of looking at it.

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