Ferrari 360 Modena by J.N.Hephaiss

Published Monday, April 20th 2009
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The front page of the J.N.Hephaiss website states that "God lives in the detail". This might explain the company's divine inspiration when it came time to create a performance and aero package for the Ferrari 360 Modena. Some may say that the 360 is such an amazing car in standard form that no attempt to improve it should be made. However, if you'd prefer to customize it, a modified version by this Japanese tuning company may be just what you're looking for.

J.N.Hephaiss focuses on producing functional aerodynamics achieved through testing, testing, and more testing. However, they were careful not to clutter the Pininfarina design of the 360 Modena. The aero package includes front canards, side splitters and a rear diffuser, all carefully designed in the wind tunnel.

As well as creating additional down force, the canards on each side of the stock front bumper direct wind away from the front wheels to increase stability at speed, and to reduce turbulence when the wheels turn for cornering. A lip spoiler wasn't an option due to the Venturi tunnel, which is a tunnel going down the center of the underside of the car. It allows air to travel through an uncluttered path on its way to the diffuser at the back, and the overall performance of the car would have been significantly reduced if the opening was partially blocked.

The splitters help by preventing air from being pushed under the car from the sides. This protects the air going under the front from outside turbulence as it works its way back. They also help to control unstable wind coming off the front wheels.

The rear diffuser works with the stock, smooth underbody of the Ferrari to take air from under the car and allow it to exit the back of the vehicle with as little airflow disturbance as possible. Seven fins help control the wind.

All aero kit pieces are available in FRP or carbon fiber. While the lightness of the carbon fiber probably doesn't justify the extra cost, it can be left unpainted for a more fresh-off-the-track look. Fortunately, there is no rear spoiler option and the classic Ferrari lines remain uncluttered and fully intact.

In addition to the carefully designed aerodynamic work, upgrades also include an exhaust system that allows the driver to switch from "Silent" to "Race" mode for better performance and that glorious Ferrari F1 sound. That being said, we somehow suspect that "Silent" may not really be that quiet. Besides, who wants to drive a silent Ferrari?

The J.N.Hephaiss version of the 360 Modena is completed with a set of 3-piece modular 19" OZ wheels in a 5-spoke design. They are built with a forged aluminum center, cast aluminum inner rim, and spun aluminum polished outer rim.

Pricing is in Japanese yen, and each individual piece can be purchased separately. The actual price in US dollars can fluctuate significantly due to exchange rates, but the total package in carbon fiber can be had right now for under $20,000.


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