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Published Monday, June 15th 2009
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Founded in 1977 BRABUS have a long history of automotive excellence. Starting out selling customised Mercedes to the United Arab Emirates they quickly established a solid reputation. 1982 saw the first installation of a TV and VCR in a car and by 1992 they were officially the worlds largest car tuning company. In 2006, BRABUS set the world top speed record for a production saloon – a mind boggling 227mph.

The Rocket is based around a Mercedes Benz CLS, yet, this is akin to saying that the PC is based around a pocket calculator. They are both designed around the microprocessor but they are as alike as the British and the French.

The Rockets’ power is developed from a monstrous 6.3 litre twin turbo V12 engine, which pushes a world shaking 720bhp and 974lb/ft of torque through the rear wheels. With this amount of power you expect the acceleration to be neck snapping and the BRABUS Rocket does not disappoint. 4 seconds will see you to 62mph and 29.5 seconds will have you cruising along at 180mph.

Braking is handled by two aluminium twelve piston callipers at the front coupled with vented Carbon Fibre reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) discs – pretty much what you get on a F1 car. At the back aluminium 6 piston callipers pair with vented and perforated discs.

The custom bodywork compromises of a carbon fibre front bumper, custom side panels and a unique rear skirt all with built in LED’s. 4 slanted 76mm exhaust pipes spice up the backend a little, complimenting the 20 inch Titanium Edition light alloy racing wheels and rear spoiler.

Inside the Rocket you find custom door pins, a BRABUS leather covered sports steering wheel, aluminium pedals and sexy BRABUS floor mats. If there was ever any chance of you forgetting which car you owned there are even entrance panels with an illuminated rocket symbol.

BRABUS stand out from the ever increasing crown of tuning houses by concentrating on not only the upgrades that look good in performance reports, but by their attention to the smallest of details. The Rocket is the embodiment of all that BRABUS stand for – passion in design and excellence in execution - the written word can not do justice to the sheer enormity of this cars greatness.

If this car was in the movie ‘The Fast and the Furious’ not only would it make the other cars look silly, it would also leave the plot even thinner that it already is. Stealing electronics from a truck? You don’t need a Civic on NOS – use a Rocket and the truck driver will be too drooling to care about what you’re liberating from the trailer.


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