B&B Audi TTS Power Sportscoupe

Published Thursday, March 11th 2010
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Well-respected Audi tuner B&B is now offering a Stage-3 conversion for the new 2009 Audi TT, the 2009 B&B Audi TTS Power Sportscoupe, sold as a complete car and incorporating the company's top new sports car performance technologies. As a longtime Audi tuner, B&B has offered aftermarket options for Audi's full line, ranging from aero kits to turbochargers and exhaust systems.

Only more recently did B&B make the jump, like many German car tuners such as RUF and AC Schnitzer, and offer tuned sports cars in complete packages, ready to drive turnkey off the lot.

The styling is rather strange, though the TTS Power Sportscoupe is certainly eye-catching. Think of the offspring of the new Audi R8 supercar and a regular old Audi TT, and you should have an idea of what B&B is going for with the TTS Power Sportscoupe. In its own way, though B&B's TTS is quite eyecatching. Those not in the know might even mistake it for an Audi R8.

One shortcoming of Audi's award-winning TT line is a lack of serious horsepower and enthusiast driving dynamics. While the 2009 Audi TT is bold and beautiful, and certainly capable, you probably won't see too many on weekend track days.

B&B has addressed nearly every aspect of the Audi TT's performance in the TTS Power Sportscoupe, and with a sub-5 second 0-62 mph and a top speed of 174 mph, the culmination of B&B's skill as a German sports car tuner should appeal to any auto enthusiast.

B&B Audi TTS Power Sportscoupe up to 362hp

[B&B Press Release]

The Siegen-based Audi expert B&B perfects the actual version of the TT. Performance values, which normally are preserved by high class sports cars, can be reached in 3 different stages (306, 324 and 362 hp). The acceleration duration 0-100km/h is lowered to an enormous value of 4.6 seconds in the final stage - while maximum velocity level is on 280km/h. To reach these performance values, B&B mounts a special turbo loader, a sport exhaust system with a special pre exhaust system and a high performance sports catalyst as well as an electrical tuning, perfectly harmonizing with these components.

Additional to this, the air intake system and air cooling system gets prepared and replaced. To keep oil temperature on the right level, B&B offers a special slim-line oil cooling system, to meet the tuned engine's requirements perfectly.

To adjust the coupe's optics and "overtake-prestige" to the driving performance, B&B mounts an aerodynamic body kit in R8-style, which leads to sensations - perfect harmony of TTS' appearance and power.

B&B sport springs to lower the car's height by upto 40mm which also reduce its declination, are also available. A special Chassis, adjustable in height, pull and push stages, which allows higher turning speed is also orderable.

A delay to meet the risen driving, the B&B 8-stroke high quality breaking system can be ordered, that allows the TTS driver having a calming and safe feeling while driving. Exclusive Wheel sets in 19" and 20" finish the "Power-Audi's" appearance.


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