Aznom Mini Clubman Chateau

Published Tuesday, September 8th 2009
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The custom Mini Clubman Chateau will be made as exclusive samples complete with a numbered panel with the name of one of only twelve owners in the world. This car is to the elegant villa owners of France what “Pimp My Ride” is to rock stars. The inspiration for this design came from the elegance of the French Chateaus that give it its name. Such places are legendary for their production of wine and accompanying elegance. Both of these elements have been incorporated into the design of the Clubman Chateau. The limited nature of the vehicle makes it not only extremely valuable but almost completely unique to each of the owners. The Chateau, in its absorbent elegance, helps to bring attention to the new line of minis upon which it is based.

The Mini Clubman has been done before, but never in such a grandiose manner. The Clubman is a longer chassis for its min so it would appeal to a larger market. The rear doors, opening as a barn door would, are a tribute to the original Morris Mini from the 1950’s. The side doors open in a similar manner: the driver and passenger door open as one would expect, but the back door swings open on a hinge located toward the rear of the vehicle. This makes it a good deal easier to get in and out as the door now opens to a wider space.

The Chateau variant was taken far beyond the expectations of the Clubman. Aged grain leather, gaucho sand leather and Alcantara are utilized in the interior of Chateau. The combination of new leather and a more elegant older style creates a powerful contrast that put this car above and beyond. Precious, unique wood was used in the construction of the dashboard and the inside of the doors. The exterior uses a custom iridescent brown and gold paint, again to create the vintage look of the vehicle. Wood trim is also used on the outside of the car in many places.

Built into the trunk of the car is a wine cellar capable of holding six wine bottles and accompanying glasses. It if of course built to withstand the shocks and bumps the car suffers while driving. The cellar is made of the same elegant materials as the rest of the car to create the same look in all aspects of its design. The top of the car is trimmed in a lighter wood in order to make a clear separation between the two parts of the body, as is true to the Clubman design.

The alloy wheel design manages to be both elegant and sporty with their simple spoke design. While they seem out of place with the wooden look of the car, they do fit well with the shape and design. There are also several metallic elements to the outside of the vehicle such as the front grill, door handles and gas cap. The metal color of the wheels matches these closely and thus fits the overall look of this amazing vehicle.


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These pictures are stninung, Michelle! You really did a great job, capturing all the unique vintage details of their super cute wedding and beautiful love story! I especially LOVE the Star Wars pictures at the end those are some amazing shots!

Posted by Amin on Tuesday, November 30th 1999 @ 07:00am GMT | #22348

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