Stillen Nissan GT-R Targa Race Car

Published Friday, November 20th 2009
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The American tuners at Stillen have created a special package for the Nissan GT-R, called Targa Race Car Project. The car develops 620 bhp and can get from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. The quarter mile time is 11 seconds and the 0 to 130 mph time is 11.4 seconds. The performances of this model have been checked by the Americans from Road&Track.

The engine was extensively modified by the American tuners, all the auxilary elements of it being replaced. The Nissan GT-R has received a full sport exhaust and a Stillen air intake kit, along side a new fuel intake system and a set of BOV valves that have 2 ports. The boost controller which this model uses, works in two stages and is electrically powered. The GT-R's transmission has received a special radiator that works with 0w-40 oil.

The tuners at Stillen also offer a suspension kit and a high-performance braking system for the GT-R. The suspension of this model can be adjusted on height and hardness. The braking system is developed by AP Racing. The 20" rims have Bridgestone RE070R 225/40 ZRF tires for the front axle and RE070R 285/35 ZRF for the rear axle.

The interior of the GT-R has been modified for competitions, the car has received a chrome-molibden roll cage bar and a set of Status seats. The performances of the model can be tracked through the MonitRally displays on board, and the recording of all the maneuver is insured by the ChaseCam On-Board system. The exterior of this model has also been modified to withstand the changes brought under the hood. A lot of elements have been replaced with carbon fibre ones and the car was painted in orange.


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