Audi Body Upgrades for Car Tuners

Published Tuesday, August 16th 2011
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Audi vehicles are known for their array of spectacular features, their sleek overall designs, and their top-level performance capabilities. Many owners keep the same Audi vehicle in the family for years and years, and while dependable, even the most durable of vehicles begins to show signs of aging eventually. If you want to keep that same Audi around and not delegate it to garage duty, you can certainly improve the appearance of your vehicle with some aftermarket Audi body upgrades. Below, weíll go over some of the key areas to focus on when modifying your Audiís exterior, so you know what to look for when beginning your upgrade.


Stock Audi car doors tend to be very simplistic and fit well with the overall design of their vehicle. If you want to make a statement with your car, and say, make a big entrance every time you exit out that driverís side door, you can do it with a selection of an Audi custom entry door. From Audi vertical doors that glide open with style and add a sporty edge to your vehicleís exterior design, to suicide doors that sound dangerous but simply open backwards, there are plenty of door upgrade options to choose from, many of which do much more than just open and close.


If Audi vehicles stand out for anything thatís not big and obvious, itís the four interlocking circles that serve as the Audi emblem. Emblems should always be polished, reflective, and in good overall condition. These small parts actually have a pretty big impact on the resale value of a vehicle, and should not be overlooked. If any emblems on your Audi are rusted up, bent out of shape, or missing all-together, youíll want to replace them right away for immediate appearance improvements.


Grilles may serve to vent air into a vehicleís engine compartment, but your Audiís grille is about more than just basic functionality. Audi grilles can be muted if you have a car thatís already painted a bright color and has plenty of over-the-top features you donít want a grille to clash with, but they can also be ultramodern, sleek, and shimmering, a perfect touch to the front of any car design. If your car has a dated, dented, or rusted up stock grille, an Audi aftermarket grille is easy to install and a simple way to amp up that carís appearance.


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